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Kantar Worldpanel Client Day

11/09/2012, Perth, Scotland

There's no such thing as average!

2012 has certainly not been an average year so far, with key events such as the Olympic Games and the European Championships, along with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations over the summer. These events connect with different people in different ways across Scotland and wider GB, and the same can also be said for the shoppers and consumers of your brands and categories, as they too are being impacted in varying ways due to the ongoing economic backdrop.

With you, our 2012 client day will explore why there is no such thing as an average consumer, and how people are being affected differently, not just financially, but how this then translates into their actual behaviour within the home and out in the store. We will also be exploring how you can best connect with different shoppers and consumers above the line in 2012.

Client Day 2012 in Ireland

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