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Norwalk Office (Shopcom)


401 Merritt 7 Norwalk, CT 06851

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

Jen Bukich



Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom purchase segments have been used by advertisers and marketers in the U.S. to understand their customers spending patterns. Because our segments link to 1st and 3rd party data assets they bring the consumer to life by creating a 360° view for an advertiser to grasp quickly and intuitively.

Each Shopcom data asset is optimized based on specific key industry drivers. For example, CPG data focuses on grocery behaviors, while Retail Product segments determine the likelihood for segments to adopt technology, purchase apparel, games or toys to name a few. Similarly, advertisers can use Shopcom Visa Audiences to evaluate shoppers retail, travel and restaurant preferences to name a few.

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