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Nickie Pressa
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The consumer is the most critical element contributing to a brand. Consumers have become more sophisticated and knowledgeable, and retailers’ skills and efficiencies in attracting and satisfying them more finely tuned. This in turn means that the manufacturers need to use the complete range of strategic and marketing tools at their disposal to compete effectively.

What you need now more than ever is a deeper understanding of people’s behavior; how they respond to the stimuli they receive, how you can maximize your business opportunities; how you maintain a competitive edge.

Kantar Worldpanel™ is best placed to provide these insights, in particular benefiting from the unique and accurate way that our panel records (scanning technology) and analyses changes in people’s behavior over time.

Our clients use this information to find out what drives their performance and their competitors; to determine how effective their current strategy is and how to sharpen their category and brand management strategies. The benefit to our clients is that we help them better understand consumer purchase behavior and shopping patterns for any segment of the population across all retail types (from kiosks to large retailers, including Lidl & Sklavenitis).

Through full dedicated teams, both in the technical and the client service side, Kantar Worldpanel™ delivers the best service and class-leading analysis to our clients.

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