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Kantar is the world leader in marketing research – the number 1 in the panel market, not only domestically but also globally, with the largest size. In Korea, we currently have two main panels: Worldpanel, the biggest household panel in Korea, which tracks consumption within households in food, home consumables since 1999, and personal care products and Worldpanel Beauty, the first online panel in the world, which tracks consumption of individual females in cosmetics, hair and body products since 2005. With these panels, we have been continuously tracking the changes in consumer behavior in more than 130 FMCG markets through the continuous panel data based on actual purchases of the panelists who represent the whole nation.

Kantar has strengths in understanding a more accurate picture of consumer trends since it covers the all channels the end-users use and collects the data based on actual purchase record, not perception or memory. Also, thanks to the representative panelists throughout the nation, the panel data reflects the overall trend of Korean consumers’ behaviour.

Kantar applies High Definition Inspiration™ approach which provides various analysis on the reasons why consumer behaviour changes in terms of channel, buyer profiles, and promotion activities. In addition, to deliver more consultative business solution with actionable plans, we also provide advanced research services such as LinkQ – ad-hoc research service linked with ongoing panel data and Expert Services – a profound research conducted by advanced analysis specialists. Through these integrated marketing research tools, we aim to provide a big picture of the market trends and detailed business solutions for specific business issues with insightful strategic advices.