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Most Chosen Brands in China



Most Chosen Brands in China

Most Chosen Brands in China

The fifth annual Brand Footprint report from Kantar Worldpanel looks at which brands are being bought by the most Chinese consumers the most often. The report is based on research from 73 per cent of the global population; a total of one billion households in 43 markets across five continents—covering 75 per cent of the global GDP.

The latest China ranking has revealed that Chinese brands dominated the top 10 most chosen brands’ list and also have taken up 9 out of 10 places for fastest growing brands. Yili continue to top the list, followed by Mengniu moving up by one place from last year. While 2016 was a difficult for FMCG industry as a whole, both brands maintained their ability to touch shoppers’ lives day in and day out over 1 billion times.

Most Chosen FMCG Brands Revealed by 2017 Brand Footprint Ranking

© 2017 CTR  Co.Ltd                        Source: 2017 Brand Footprint

Xin Xiangyin, a paper brand under Hengan Group, expanded its consumer reach considerably through adjusting its product lines. It made the list of the top 10 brands for the first time with 358 million consumer reach points last year. In 2016, 58.6% of urban families in China bought the brand for 3.7 times on average.

Jason Yu, General Manager of Kantar Worldpanel China, comments: ‘It has been a challenging year for FMCG brands in China. However the combining factors of economic slowdown, uneven growth and demand for trading up have forced brands to adapt their strategies to the new reality in order to keep pace with the fast changing consumer behavior. Consumers today want a lifestyle increasingly driven by health, convenience and pleasure. Brands will have to radically innovate in their product offer, communication and selling strategies and take a real consumer-centric approach to respond to those changes.’

Brands on the rise

There was significant change to the list of the top 10 fastest rising brands. Nongfu Spring, Luhua, Lee Kum Kee, Chaoneng and Lay’s all made to the top of the league for the first time. Nongfu Spring was the fastest growing brand with consumer reach point up by 43% year on year, thanks to its new innovation to expand shopper base. Luhua not only joined the club of top 50 for the first time, but also became one of the top 10 fast rising brands, with 19% increase in consumer reaches year on year.

          Top 10 Fastest Rising FMCG Brands in China

© 2017 CTR  Co.Ltd               Source: 2017 Brand Footprint

Global Highlights

Kantar Worldpanel’s analysis also shows that, with developed markets barely growing, emerging countries were responsible for all of the FMCG value growth in 2016, adding $34 billion to the global industry throughout the year.

        •Coca-Cola remains the world’s most chosen brand for the fifth year running

        •Colgate is the second most chosen brand in the ranking and is the only brand chosen by more than 50% of the global population

        •Dettol is the fastest rising brand in the ranking, breaking into the Top 50 for the first time

        •Sunsilk is new in the Top 10 with a 12% rise in Consumer Reach Points

        •Emerging markets account for 51% of FMCG spend

        •Local brands account for 72% of FMCG market growth in 2016

Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint Ranking reveals the strength of brands in 43 markets around the world, across the food, beverage, health and beauty and homecare sectors. It uses an insightful metric called Consumer Reach Points which measures how many households around the world are buying a brand (its penetration) and how often (the number of times shoppers acquire the brand).

This unique calculation of penetration and frequency helps FMCG manufacturers to clearly understand their reach within China and globally in terms of actual basket reach and provides a vital guide on which regions present the biggest opportunities.

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