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Retailers competition is intensified at regional level



Retailers competition is intensified at regional level

Kantar Worldpanel’s latest figures 12 weeks ending 6th Nov 2015 in China shows the growth of total FMCG market continues deceleration as it only grew by 2.0%, a much lower rate than last few months. West region is leading the growth with 3.6% growth rate while East, South and North are behind total average, grew by 1.7%, 1.4%, and 1.8% respectively.

Sun Art group has maintained outstanding momentum of growth since last few months. The retail group’s double-digit growth rate (16%) in spending has secured the leading position with 7.6% of the market share nationally, up 0.9% from the last period. In East and North, the retailer continues to enjoy being leader with market share of 15.4% and 6.1% respectively. Notably, the retailer’s continuous efforts and investments in attracting new shoppers has paid off as penetration exhibited sharp growth in South and West region. As a result, the group’s market share saw substantial uplift, reaching 1.9% in West and 4.5% in South.

Regional retailers are continuing to build share. In East, Dennis’s strong performance has helped the retailer to add 0.3% market share from a year ago, taking 1.5% share of the region. In South, Vanguard group keeps reviving in its stronghold, growing market share to 5.8% up 0.6% from the same period last year. In West, Beijing Hua Lian and Bubugao are becoming stronger challengers in the region, both gaining market share to 2.1% and 1.4%. In North, Li Qun group has remained aggressive growth since last few months, driven by more shoppers as penetration grew by 13.1%, which helped the retailer to gain 1.7% of the market.

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