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The latest Korea Cosmetics Market Brand Ranking



The latest Korea Cosmetics Market Brand Ranking

Kantar World Panel, the largest global marketing research firm specialized in consumer panel (Korea Office CEO Sehyun Oh) released the latest Korea Cosmetics Market Brand Ranking. This ranking is made by using the CRP (Consumer Reach Point) index with 9700 Beauty Panel women, the only one operating in Korea.

Kantar World Panel CRP is an index that combines penetration which is indicating the rate of people who purchased a certain brand for one year and the number of times the brands are selected. This Korea Cosmetics Market Brand Ranking reflects not only brand performance but also its potential influence in the market.

Top 10 Brand in Skin Care: ‘Innisfree’, Unrivaled Top 1 in Skin Care

As the influence of long tail brands increased, the established brands are relatively weakened in Korea Market. Despite of the worsened circumstances for established brands, Innisfree has achieved huge growth in CRP thanks to the successful development of new product. As a result, Innisfree occupies the first place in Skin Care.


The buyer inflow of Innisfree increased thanks to the great performance of the representative new products such as Bija Cica Balm and Blueberry Cleanser (Superfood Line). As these two products reflected the consumer needs of eco-friendly ingredients and safety which consumers concern most these days, the brand could grow in the market. The expansion of online channel is also considered as one of the main factor of success.

The Face Shop ranked second place in Skin Care, and Sulwhasoo ranked the third place. In addition, Missha, Atomy, Iope, Hera, Nature Republic, AHC, and Tony Moly are following the next.

Top 10 Brand in Makeup: Era of Lip Makeup Brand

Established brands showed poor performance in makeup market. As more than one out of five Korean women bought Etude, Missha, The Face Shop and Innisfree, these four brands made their name on top 1 to top 4. However, their CRP index is decreasing.


On the other hand, Peripera is ranked in ninth with its CRP index more than doubled compared to last year. Assume that the growth is mainly due to product expansion. Peripera expanded their product line from ‘Ink the Velvet Lip tint’ which was already famous to ‘Ink the Airy Velvet’ which added newness of the texture. Although the main target of Peripera is young consumers, ‘Ink the Airy Velvet’ helped to expand their target consumer range to high- age consumers.

MAC, which shows high growth among Top 10 Brands in makeup market, is famous for lip makeup products. MAC is drawing attention of consumers by showing products with variety of texture or color. In addition, it is accelerating the growth by expanding the touch point of channel from offline into online.

Online Channel Segmentation

The importance of online channel is getting bigger in both skin care and makeup. With department store and D2D are taking a large part of the cosmetics market, online has now become one of the comparable channel. Especially, as channel is getting more variety within online, expansion of consumer reach point through channel segmentation is being required.

For example, AHC, which has grown into a major home shopping brand, sought the way to expand the channel such as drugstore etc., however, the channel that led to the highest increase in buyers and made good performance is online. AHC consumer reach point has been expanding to home shopping mall, open market, social commerce etc. 


 Ranking Research Design >

Analysis Period: 2017 January ~ December (1 Year)

Sample: Kantar World Panel Beauty Panel 9700 Females

Methodology: Scan and submit the daily purchases using the smartphone app

Universe: Nationwide(Korea) esc. Jeju


-      Government census & Kantar Micro Census

-      Stratified Sampling by:Region, Age, HH Income


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