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What our clients say:

We want the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.

The businesses we work with tell us that it’s more important than ever to understand not only what people buy or use, but why they make their decisions.

Our clients are looking to answer some big questions:

  • What’s really important to buyers of this category?
  • What is driving switching to my competitor brand?
  • How do shoppers choose products in my category?
  • What are the drivers of my category decline (or any change in performance)?
  • What are the triggers and barriers to buying my category or brand?

Powered by LinkQ, our questionnaire service, we link our clients to rich, deeper understanding of how consumers and shoppers think, feel and behave

At Kantar we know how to get to the bottom of what really drives the decisions consumers make.

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Phil Dorsett
Director, Expert Solutions

  • +44 208 967 4536

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