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What our clients say:

How can I make life easier for my shopper?

This is central to many of the questions we are being asked.

Whether clients want help with ranging decisions or need to gain a better understanding of shopper experience; everything points to making the shopper’s life easier.

Our clients want to know:

  • How can the shelf best meet the shopper’s requirements?
  • What do shoppers not like about my fixture?
  • Who do I complete with?
  • How can I convert more shoppers in store?

At Kantar we draw on the experiences and purchasing histories of thousands of shoppers to answer the questions our clients are facing right now. 


Get in touch

Phil Dorsett
Director, Expert Solutions

  • +44 20 8967 4536

Download our paper: Navigating the online customer journey
Download our paper: Online groceries report

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