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We keep hearing that ‘’you need to make marketing more accountable’’

As brand campaigns become increasingly multi-media and multi-channel, you tell us it is difficult to determine what elements of the campaign really had an impact on sales.

You want to be able to know:

  • If the advertising brought more buyers in
  • if this was the right promotional activity for your brand
  • if you could achieve the same impact by spending less
  • what would be the optimal reach and frequency for your brand(s)


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We can help see how realistic your media targets
are — with less than 1 in every 10 campaigns reporting
sales uplift of 7.5% or above, is your target higher than this?

Kantar knows how to get a better return on your media investment by accurately quantifying the effect that marketing has on purchasing.

Watch our video to learn how we can help you understand your share of voice against that of your competitors.






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