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To find out whether a media campaign really worked, you need to know who it reached and what happened as a result

By tracking both shoppers’ purchases and the media they consume, we can measure who was exposed to your campaign and its impact on actual purchasing behaviour.

We shine a light on whether a campaign brought more buyers in and give you a unique understanding of how different elements of the marketing mix worked – individually and together.

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From the shoppers who have been influenced during a campaign, more than one in three (37%) are new. They account for $1 in every $5 spent by those who have changed their behaviour as a result of seeing the brand’s media, providing solid evidence for how advertising supports growth.

We’re also able to isolate ROI and measure it over time to facilitate future planning.

From there we help make your marketing budget work harder by recommending where to increase or decrease investment, determining optimum reach and frequency, and providing advice on how to exploit specific channels.


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Gwladys Hall
Head of UK Media

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