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Kantar adds YouTube to measure impact of advertising



Kantar adds YouTube to measure impact of advertising

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, today announces the expansion of its Consumer Media Measurement (CMM) service with the addition of YouTube viewing data to the service. CMM combines the media behaviours of real consumers with their actual shopping habits, as measured by Kantar’s Worldpanel FMCG Consumer Panel - which includes health, beauty and household products - to enable brand-owners to understand which adverts are having a real impact.

CMM already covers traditional media, including TV, as well as Facebook other digital media platforms. The addition of YouTube means the service now tracks approximately 90% of all advertising and 80%1 of the digital advertising seen by the typical consumer each day. This represents the most complete read of advertising effectiveness in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

Kantar’s CMM service assesses how an individual’s probability of buying changes after exposure to different influences including advertising. All information is collected with panellists’ explicit permission and in a privacy-safe environment. Working at an individual level, and evaluating each different form of media, Kantar cross-references advertisers’ ad ‘flight’ plans to measure the effectiveness of every pound spent on each media.

Kerry Corke, Global Media Director at Worldpanel Division, Kantar said: “Accounting for exposures on widely used digital platforms such as YouTube is vital for advertisers who use CMM results to improve the relevance and impact of their communications. Digital advertising has grown significantly in recent years, in some cases overtaking traditional channels in terms of advertising spend. We are constantly adapting our tools to reflect trends and the addition of YouTube is the latest in a continuing stream of planned developments.”

YouTube viewing data is captured through a combination of passive-metering of panellist exposures and dynamic statistical techniques to extrapolate to the appropriate demographic group. All media exposures reported are linked directly with corresponding panellist purchasing behaviour to understand advertising impact on sales and buyer recruitment.

Gwladys Hall, Head of Media for Great Britain at Worldpanel Division, Kantar said: “We have been at the forefront of developing this new solution for YouTube measurement here in Britain. Our data shows that 48%2 of the main grocery shoppers in British households use YouTube, with more than a quarter of those viewing everyday. Our enhanced CMM coverage now gives an even more complete view of how media consumption influences FMCG sales.”

The expanded CMM service is available from today in Argentina, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, UK and Vietnam.

Find out more about Kantar’s wider media capabilities including audience measurement and brand tracking.

  1. CMM is available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, France, India Indonesia, Peru, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, UK and Vietnam. Degrees of digital coverage vary by market.
  2. Kantar GB FMCG Purchase Panel, Media Survey January 2020, 17,461 respondents

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