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Selling to Carrefour & Building an Effective Drive Strategy

22/04/2015, Paris

Three years into George Plassat's tenure, Carrefour seems to have turned a corner with sustained recovery. But the road ahead for Plassat will be bumpy as rival grocery chains join forces and put more pressure on Carrefour than ever before.

During a two day global workshop, Kantar Worldpanel and Kantar Retail experts will analyse the sustainability of Plassat’s strategy and outline clear recommendations for grocery manufacturers who wish to succeed with this revived (or not?) retailer.

We will also reveal which retailers are implementing Drive in the right manner (and which aren’t), review the key operational and financial aspects of the Drive model, evaluate growth strategies across multiple French grocers, and examine whether the future is likely to see Drive give way to more profitable fulfilment models such as Click & Collect. Suppliers can expect to come away with clear guidance on where to invest and how to win with this format.

22 April: Planning for the Next Phase of Plassat’s Turnaround Strategy


• How will Carrefour’s multi-channel strategy (big box, proximity and online) play out in an environment where the shopper is king? How can you align for success?

• How will changing shopper needs impact Carrefour’s merchandising tactics across private label, space allocation, pricing & promotions?What will this mean for leading categories and brands?

• What will the next phase of Carrefour’s international strategy look like? What can suppliers offer and how will that differ in
mature vs emerging markets?

23 April: Maximising the Potential of French Drives


• Who is the Drive Shopper? What does (and doesn’t) she/he buy at Drive and why?

• What does Drive best practice look like? What are the practical implications for your 2015 plans and beyond?

• Is Drive incremental to your total business? Where is cannibilisation taking place?

Kantar Worldpanel and Kantar Retail experts will give you a comprehensive look at Carrefour in 2015 and beyond.

Kantar Worldpanel and Kantar Retail experts will give you a comprehensive look at Carrefour in 2015 and beyond.


Sol García
Personal Assistant

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