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Asia Cosmetic Trend Seminar

25/05/2012, COEX Grand Conference Hall, Seoul

Since 2002, we have provided insightful information on cosmetics trend based on changes in overall cosmetics market and consumer behaviors.

As numerous Korean cosmetics companies have keen interests in Asia cosmetics market, this year we invited experts from China and Thailand to bring global view in the theme of ‘Asia cosmetics market trend’.

In rapidly changing environments, we presented how to read the cosmetics market from consumers’ point of view and how to be a winner not only in Korea, but in Asia.

Marcy Kou, Kantar Worldpanel Asia MD
Byoung-ho Cho, CMN publisher
Rachel Lee, Kantar Worldpanel China
Martin Choi, Kantar Worldpanel Thailand
Jiwon Kim, Kantar Worldpanel Korea
Ashley Kang, Kantar Worldpanel Korea

Asia Cosmetic Trend Seminar

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