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The men who made us fat

21/06/2012, BBC Two

Giles Quick, Director at Kantar Worldpanel appears in the second episode of this three-part BBC Two series. Around the world, obesity levels are rising. More people are now overweight than undernourished; two thirds of British adults are overweight and one in four of us is classified as obese. In the first of this three-part series, Jacques Peretti traces those responsible for revolutionising our eating habits, to find out how decisions made in America 40 years ago influence the way we eat now.

Giles has over 25 years experience in food and drink research. His recent work focuses on health, obesity and nutrition and includes work with the FSA and FDF on the nutritional composition of UK shopping baskets. Giles is a Member of the expert panel for the House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Foods Group, responsible for reviewing food inflation and the consumer response. He has written papers on health and nutrition, obesity and also lectures on food and food consumption in the UK and Internationally.

The men who made us fat

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