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Consumer identity mapping

16/05/2017, Online webinar

Jen Bukich, VP Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom, jointly with Chuck Moxley from 4INFO, will be presenting via a webinar organised by Adweek about "How to make identity mapping and turn it into measurable Marketing".

Consumer marketing has never been more challenging. With more ways and places to purchase, people are consuming content digitally and across an ever-expanding choice of screens and brand loyalty giving way to buyers who demand customized, personalized messages and solutions, today’s marketers struggle to adapt rapidly enough to sustain market leadership and keep sales growing.

In this webinar,  4INFO and Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom  will outline the massive shifts that have left the marketing landscape more complex, the information overload that has added intricacy, and the identical, often unsupported claims by vendors that leave marketers so cynical. We’ll examine how robust identity mapping can give marketers an edge in today’s tech-driven marketing and advertising environment, and provide a logical model designed to help you take control of your digital destiny.

This webinar is ideal for marketers who want to maximize customer value by understanding their customers better, reach them everywhere, know which campaigns actually drive them to buy, and find more customers just like them.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities with digital identity 
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses in your people-based marketing integration process
  • Evaluate potential solutions while avoiding the three little-known traps inherent in matching people to devices and data
  • Develop a strategy for taking control of your data and your digital marketing ecosystem 
Consumer identity mapping

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Jennifer Bukich
VP Strategic Partnerships & Business Development at Shopcom


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