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Cross-screen audience validation

19/09/2018, Online webinar

As TV audiences shift to OTT, advertisers are following, drawn by OTT’s combination of premium television content and digital targeting precision. Many have been frustrated by the inability of legacy technologies and measurement systems toto provide basic OTT campaign information, such as reach and audience composition.

CAV is a measurement and validation solution that captures OTT campaign exposure at the household level across all OTT devices. Powered by Tru Optik’s Household Graph consisting of 75 million OTT homes, CAV provides deterministic real-time KPI tracking for OTT campaigns as well as audience validation against advanced characteristics.

  • Advertisers are using CAV to answer these fundamental OTT campaign performance questions:
  • How many households did my campaign reach?
  • How many times were those households exposed to my campaign?
  • Where was my campaign seen (on which devices and which networks)?
  • What percentage of my audience and impressions were in target?

Webinar participants will learn why size matters for OTT audience measurement, how real-time metrics can drive in-campaign course corrections, and why CAV literally pays for itself in many cases.

CAV can be deployed for any OTT campaign, regardless of publisher, platform, or agency.

Cross-screen audience validation

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