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29% of Brazilians intend to follow the Olympics


The biggest challenge is lack of money to attend the Games

There are less than 30 days until the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but only 29% of Brazilians intend to go to any events or follow the competitions. This rate is higher than that reported for people following the London 2012 Olympics, but still not enough to see many people going to the stadiums and Olympic arenas. According to data from Kantar Worldpanel, 83% of Brazilians will probably not attend any Olympic event in 2016. The main challenge in terms of going to the Games is the lack of money to spend on leisure activities (60% of respondents). There are also those who live in other states and think that travelling to Rio de Janeiro may complicate logistics in terms of following the Olympics (42%). Only 24% said that the reason for not attending the Games comes down to the expensive tickets.


Among the survey respondents, 35% agree that investment in the works carried out for the Olympics will benefit the people of Rio de Janeiro after the Games end. However, most (86%) agree that the risk of corruption in terms of investment involving these works is high. Regarding safety, 39% do not think that Rio de Janeiro will be safer during the Games.

Football Country

Although 73% of Brazilians think the promotion of sports is very weak in Brazil – which may affect how many medals the country wins during the games – the vast majority (92%) will cheer the country on during the Olympics.

It is no surprise that football was named the most-attended sport, followed by volleyball and beach volleyball. In addition to these three favourites, Brazilians say they are keen on following wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, judo and tennis. Between 1 and 5 July, Sports Pulse found that Fabiana Murer was the most cited athlete on Twitter. Last Sunday, she recorded the best mark of her career in the pole vault.

Rio Olympics 2016 Brazil

This survey was conducted in March 2016 and included a sample of 1,787 respondents from a universe of 52 million households. All socioeconomic classes and age groups in Brazil were represented.

60% of respondents say the lack of money is their main challenge in terms of going to the Games

60% of respondents say the lack of money is their main challenge in terms of going to the Games

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