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Kantar integrates buying and media behavior data, consumer insights, from across multiple offerings to enable more impactful audience creation and targeting for addressable advertising

Kantar integrates buying and media behavior data, consumer insights, from across multiple offerings to enable more impactful audience creation and targeting for addressable advertising

Kantar today announced the launch of a new service, Kantar Activate, which integrates consumer insights and behavior from across the Kantar portfolio with real, global, behavioral shopper and media data, and enables clients to fully leverage the studies they run with Kantar for targeting purposes.

The service provides an integrated approach for building and distributing audiences for addressable advertising, as well as for shopper marketing and CRM campaigns, based upon the actual behavior and attitudes of individuals.

“Kantar knows more about individuals than anyone else and now we are putting that knowledge into one service, Kantar Activate,” says Katie Casavant, who will serve as CEO of Kantar Activate while retaining her role as CEO of Shopcom. “Advertisers and agencies will be able to leverage what consumers believe, what they value, and the underpinnings of why they buy what they buy, to build audiences that can power highly targeted and accurate advanced advertising.

Kantar Activate will put the ‘person’ back in personalization, at scale and across the globe.” Kantar Activate helps advertisers plan and deliver media strategies and campaigns based on consumers’ preferences and values, how they engage with media and what brands they buy. It delivers a granular view of audience segments as they really are, helping advertisers reach exactly the right person at the right time and on the right platform.

Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar said, “There are lots of DMPs out there. But none combine the buy and why data we have or enable clients to use the wide range of segmentation, tracking, copy testing and innovation work that we carry out for them to create audiences and enable advertisers and their agencies to plan and deliver impactful media strategies and campaigns. Our aim is nothing short of replacing the traditional use of GRPs with an approach that is relevant for today and that has impact.”

Kantar Activate enables more precise planning, buying and activation, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Using Kantar research with this type of integrated approach:

  • Media cost has been shown to be reduced by 64% when brand awareness, brand sentiment and brand loyalty helped define the target audience
  • Conversion rates were increased by 26% when custom segmentation defined the target audience as compared to standard targeting
  • A 50% increase in conversion rate was realized when creative was combined with audience targeting
  • A 16% increase in click-through rate was achieved when creative was combined with audience data
  • A major hotel brand saw a 514% increase in hotel bookings realized when brand purchase, brand consideration, brand affinity and share of wallet helped define the target audience
  • A major coffee brand registered a 380% increase in coffee brand sales when purchase behavior and purchase intent defined the target audience
  • A 164% lift in consideration intent was realized by a major hotel brand when brand purchase, brand affinity and purchase intent was used to define the target audience

Kantar Activate will include Kantar Worldpanel, Kantar Shopcom and Kantar Media data, as well as consumer’s online behaviors, attitudes, preferences, sentiment and motivation insights from Kantar TNS, Kantar Millward Brown, Kantar Added Value and Kantar Futures powered by Lightspeed.

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