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Brand Footprint 2013


The Brand Footprint ranking reveals how consumers around the world today are buying FMCG brands, as well as highlighting the opportunities that remain for brands to increase their footprint.

It uses a new metric called Consumer Reach Points which calculates how many households they are reaching and how frequently shoppers purchase them. The measure is a very straightforward way of giving an indication of a brand’s strength. Penetration is key, but on its own it’s not enough, as brands have to attract consumers more than once and consumers make a choice every time they go shopping.

Brand Footprint is not about quantifying the absolute volume of sales – it’s about quantifying shoppers’ decisions. Brand Footprint looks at how shoppers are buying FMCG brands in 32 countries, then ranks them by Consumer Reach Points globally, by region and by country. Each brand includes all variants and formats across categories.

This gives the clearest and most realistic picture of a brand’s global footprint available today, and provides brand owners with valuable information to feed into their international and local marketing strategies.

Brand Footprint is a global ranking of the most choosen consumer brands.

Brand Footprint is a global ranking of the most choosen consumer brands.

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