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Shopcom and Affinity Solutions today announced a new partnership

Shopcom and Affinity Solutions today announced a new partnership

Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom, the addressable advertising analytics and insights division of Kantar Worldpanel, and Affinity Solutions, a leading provider of purchase-driven marketing solutions, today announced a new partnership that offers brand marketers and Kantar-owned agencies a better way to conduct cross-screen media planning, targeting and closed-loop measurement. This is made possible through the integration of Affinity Solutions’ Purchase-Driven Marketing Cloud, which allows Shopcom the power to leverage past individual-level purchase data (unlike other solutions offering only aggregated cohort-level purchase data) to help brands and advertisers make future spend predictions, and measure overall sales lift and revenue impact from both in-store and online channels.

“We are thrilled to partner with Affinity Solutions to create and offer the most precise retailer brand digital and mobile solutions in the marketplace,” said Jen Bukich, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development of Shopcom. “Having the power to understand consumers’ purchase behavior gives advertisers the intelligence to make better decisions and improve marketing spend ROI.”

The first set of solutions provide marketers with access to 54 categories and 450 brand spend propensity scores, which gives access to greater visibility into which individuals are likely to make a relevant purchase at a given retailer, and how much they are likely to spend. Additionally, the closed-loop, turnkey measurement solution tracks in-store and online purchase behavior after customers are exposed to marketing campaigns, so that marketers can understand the effectiveness of their media budget allocations. As a result, incremental revenue metrics can be directly attributed to explicit promotional activity, giving marketers the ability to quickly adjust their marketing campaigns across all channels, and allocate budgets towards the highest marketing spend ROI.

“Delivering highly personalized marketing campaigns at the right time in a consumers’ buying journey is the biggest challenge for today’s marketer,” said Jonathan Silver, CEO of Affinity Solutions. “Partnering with Shopcom helps this challenge, and break down the barriers to understanding consumer behavior and increase engagement.”

There simply is no better or more intelligent way for marketers to engage and influence likely buyers at the right time in the buying cycle, and convert them into loyal customers. Through machine learning, the power of historical purchase activity and analytics makes predictions far more accurate and consistently correlate with actual purchase outcomes—something that no other solution can effectively deliver today.

Shopcom Retailer Brand Propensity Scores and Shopcom Retailer Brand Campaign Impact Evaluation measurement solutions, powered by Affinity Solutions are marketed and distributed by Shopcom, and are now available.

About Affinity Solutions:
Affinity Solutions makes all marketing more productive, by driving business outcomes for marketers using the power of purchase data and analytics. Through our partnerships with financial institutions, we have real-time and secure access into where and when consumers are spending across brands, categories, geographies, and channels. Key intelligence is gleaned from the continuous discovery of an individual’s purchase patterns, to identify, reach, and influence likely buyers at the right moments of choice; as well as measure and optimize the sales impact of marketing campaigns. This gives marketers the ability to deliver unique and engaging experiences throughout the customer journey - from discovery to purchase - to maximize and increase lifetime engagement and value.

About Kantar Shopcom:
Shopcom, a division of Kantar Worldpanel, is an addressable advertising data integration, analytics and insights firm connecting what consumers see, feel and do to help retailers and marketers grow their brands through more impactful media investment and execution. Kantar Shopcom leverages CPG, Retail and Retailer Class of Trade purchase behavior data for 300 million U.S. consumers to create syndicated and custom audiences for targeted advertising, to enable development of more effective communications plans and to directly measure the impact on purchase behavior of brand communication, media and advertising investment across all media platforms. Our proprietary single-source network enables Shopcom to help activate more connected, more effective and more profitable brand advertising, media and communications. For more information on Shopcom, please visit
Shopcom is part of Kantar, the data investment management arm of WPP and one of the world’s largest insight, information and consultancy groups.

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