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Shopcom is the industry's most accurate, flexible and scalable source of actual purchase behavior data.

Shopcom data assets are a blend of CPG, retail and class of trade shopper data covering 90% of all US household
spending patterns from 450+ retailers across 680 categories and 18,500 brands. These data are classified from over
$3.5 trillion in sales volume. Our assets have been mapped to cookies as well as the majority of smartphone users
deterministically to more than 500M screens, which enables us to achieve onboarding rates in mobile of 4X to 6X
the leading onboarders. This means no matter how precise the targeting, you’ll be able to reach the largest possible
percentage of the target audience during a single campaign.

These data allow advertisers and publishers to access rich, predictive consumer information and complement sitebased
ad buys with campaigns that reach specific high value audiences.

We assign consumers to a Shopcom Individual or Household ID providing granular audience reach for marketers who
require a high level of precision.

Key Benefits

Ad Networks and Publishers

  • Increased value of ad inventory
  • Precisely understand who is purchasing, what is purchased and where purchases are made


  • Reach the right shopper at the right time for every brand or product and message
  • Linkage of online media plan to overall brand strategies

Ad agencies

  • Profile, create and reach audiences based on actual purchase behaviors while maximizing the impact of your client’s online ad budget

Get in touch

Jen Bukich
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

  • +1 203 663 6500

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