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Connecting the ‘buy’ with the ‘why’ of consumer behaviour

Kantar Activate helps advertisers plan and deliver media strategies and campaigns based on consumers’ preferences and values, how they engage with media and what brands, products, and services they buy. Kantar Activate puts the person back in personalization, one person at a time, at scale, across the globe.

Kantar Activate builds and distributes people-based audiences for activation in media, advertising, communication, creative, shopper marketing & CRM campaigns. Activate sells syndicated purchase behaviour, online behaviour, media consumption, attitude & preference, sentiment & motivation and values & beliefs audiences, and custom survey research, proprietary segmentation & consumer insight audiences.

Putting a human being (not a cookie) at the centre of addressable advertising

Planning, buying and activating people-based media produces better results, improves efficiency and reduces waste in advertising spend:

  • Reduced media cost by 64% when brand awareness, brand sentiment and brand loyalty define the target audience together.
  • Increased conversion rate by 26% when the target audience is defined by custom segmentation vs. standard targeting.
  • Improves effectiveness, drives impact of advertising creative:
    • 4,354 new users driven to brand website when creative deployed with audience data.
    • 50% increase in conversion rate when creatives are combined with audience targeting
    • 16% increase in click-through rate when creatives are combined with audience data

Kantar is uniquely positioned to connect the ‘Buy’ and the ‘Why’

Kantar provides, and uniquely integrates, the most detailed insights into what motivates consumer decisions along the path to purchase.

Activate delivers a granular view of audience segments asthey really are, helping advertisers reach exactly the right person at the right time and on the right platform. Audiences can be built based on:

  • Online behaviours
  • Media consumption
  • Attitudes & preferences
  • Sentiment & motivation
  • Values & beliefs
  • Purchase behaviour

A comprehensive view of a consumer delivers better marketing outcomes

Some examples:

  • 514% increase in hotel bookings when brand purchase, brand consideration, brand affinity and share of wallet attributes are combined to define the target audience.
  • 380% improvement in incremental sales impact when purchase behavior + purchase intent vs. demographics to define the target audience.
  • 66% lift in charity awareness among the unaware when social media behavior + donation behavior + social values + emotional connection define the target audience.
  • 43% increase in online advance ticket sales when brand sentiment + emotional connection define the target audience.
  • 20% increase in sales among brand loyals when online behaviour + purchase behaviour define the target audience.

Please get in touch to discover how Kantar Activate can help your brand to develop more effective communication campaigns.

We live in a time when we know more about more consumers than ever before. Advertising technologies have the ability to deliver individualised content, at scale, in milliseconds.

Kantar Activate is unique in its ability to connect the ‘buy’ with the ‘why’ of consumer behaviour.

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Jen Bukich
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

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