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Partnership with UNICEF

Brighter Futures is Kantar’s partnership with UNICEF. Since 2004, we have worked together to help some of the world’s most vulnerable children. In 2010 we agreed to support children in Bangladesh, Bolivia and Malawi to reach their true potential.

Brighter Futures’ funds are raised by:

  • Employees: Kantar Worldpanel’s volunteers develop fundraising activities to support our partnership with UNICEF. They can be second hand markets, sportive challenges, auctions of promises or team building activities, among others.
  • Panellists: In some countries, families that collaborate in our surveys can exchange the points they earn to cash donations for UNICEF. If you are already a member of any of our panels and want to use your points to support UNICEF, please get in touch with your usual contact in your country.

All the money raised is donated to UNICEF to support three projects:

  • Tackling Child Labour in Bangladesh: 13% of children aged 5-14 are forced to work, often in hazardous conditions, to support their families. Brighter Futures aims to help bring about much needed social change, providing life skills and opportunities, as well as addressing legislative reform. The project will help to re-integrate 6,000 working children into education, and support 2,500 families.
  • Protecting Children from Violence in Bolivia: currently 2.2 million children and adolescents in Bolivia are victims of violence and many more are involved in juvenile crime, gang warfare and drug abuse. The Brighter Futures programme aims to protect young people against exploitation by working with the government to review protection laws. Additionally the project will create nine new special victim units to manage cases of children and adolescents as victims, or witnesses, of crime.
  • Creating Children’s Corners in Malawi: the Brighter Futures project will continue to help some of the 600,000 children in Malawi who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Children’s Corners are community based care centres, and provide support, education, nutrition and protection, as well as access to support services. The project will support vulnerable children through building and strengthening 150 of these centres.

Over time, Kantar’s contribution to support children through UNICEF has increased drastically. Between 2010 and 2014 our target was to raise $1million. This objective was achieved two years early and we are strengthening our efforts to double it before the end of 2014.

Find out more about Kantar Brighter Futures through:

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New Business Development Director

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