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All You Want to Know about Men in Asia

Kantar Worldpanel has conducted the most exhaustive study about Male Grooming trends by talking to 5,300 men in 8 countries. We know what they think, what they use and what they purchase. We know what motivates, worry and influence them. We know where the opportunities are from head to toe. Contact us to learn more!



►    Which products do I use? Which ones I don´t?

►    Are they “For men” variants?

►    How conscious am I regarding my look? What´s the main driver?

►    Do I have concerns regarding my appearance? Which ones?

►    How about my hair? Any concerns? Which shampoo segments do I buy?

►    Do I visit beauty salons or barbershops?

►    Who purchases the personal care items I use? Did I get any grooming item as gift? Which brands are more offered as gift?

►    Who and what influence my choices?

►    Do I ask for recommendations? From who?

►    How´s my shaving routine like?

►    Do I excercise? How often? Do I diet?

►    What worries me regarding my health/wellbeing?

►    Do I take any vitamin supplements? Which ones?



► Cross-country purchase behavior KPIs (Penetration, Avg. Spend per year, Frequency, Avg. Spend per trip, Average Price, Price index, Category growth in value and volume) of male grooming categories

► Top players by category

► Purchase behaviour KPIs by region, channel and income level



►    How many hours do I spend on TV, Internet, games?

►    Which device do I use to surf the web?

►    What do I do when you go online?

►    Do I use Social Media? Which ones? How many friends have I got?

►    How do I trust info from internet source?

►    Which online source have I accessed to learn information about fashion/ beauty?


Get in contact to get more information and ask for a quotation.

We are willing to share all the knowledge we´ve gathered around Male grooming.



Soon Lee, Lim

All you want to know about Men in Asia

All you want to know about Men in Asia

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Soon Lee, Lim
General Manager - Kantar Worldpanel Indonesia

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