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16 global FMCG brands chosen more than 1 billion times



16 global FMCG brands chosen more than 1 billion times

Only 16 global FMCG brands were chosen by consumers more than one billion times last year.

This was the key finding of Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint study of the 50 Most Chosen Global FMCG Brands:

The research also highlighted the scale of the opportunity that exists for global expansion, with the average global penetration of the Top 50 brands being just 20%.
In its second year, Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint ranking and report outline the winning strategies that the most successful global FMCG brands are employing as well as the key global consumer and industry trends. The ranking reveals the brands that are being bought by the most people, the most often, in 35 countries around the world, across the food, beverage, health and beauty and homecare sectors.

FMCG manufacturers that want to convert more households around the world into loyal customers must compete with established and often dominant local brands. Kantar Worldpanel’s report highlights that local brands are growing their footprints almost twice as fast as global brands, with an average annual growth rate of 2%, compared with 1.2% for global brands. Local brands account for 60% of global FMCG shopping choices and were chosen 129 billion times last year.

However some global brands stand out. Coca-Cola, which remains the world’s most chosen brand for the second year, was chosen more than 5.8 billion times in the last year. The beverages manufacturer was chosen an additional 124 million times in the last year (a growth of 2% which came mainly from Latin America). P&G’s fabric softener brand Downy grew its reach by 26%, adding 9.5 million new households to its consumer base in the last year. The world’s favourite biscuit brand Oreo added the most new buyers – 19 million in the last year – equivalent to the total number of households in the Philippines.

Josep Montserrat, Global CEO of Kantar Worldpanel, says: “Growth is top of the agenda for all FMCG companies, but there is no single path to prosperity. They are looking for new shoppers, new occasions, new markets, and are investing in the creation of innovative new products. The Brand Footprint report highlights the opportunities that exist for every brand with global aspirations to expand its consumer base. It provides an essential guide for FMCG manufacturers on their journey to increase the dominance of their brands in the world’s fastest growing markets.”

The top 16 global FMCG brands revealed by Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint study – all of which were chosen more than one billion times in the last year – are:

1 Coca-Cola (Coke)
2 Colgate
3 Nescafé
4 Maggi
5 Pepsi
6 Knorr
7 Lifebuoy
8 Lay’s
9 Pantene
10 Kraft
11 Dove
12 Palmolive
13 Lux
14 Nestlé
15 Tide
16 Surf

Read the full 2014 Brand Footprint report and explore the data at a global, regional and country level, and by category or brand at:

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