China's consumer goods market rebounds in 2017

China’s market for FMCG rebounded in 2017, as a growing middle class of consumers showed signs of advancing their efforts to live healthier and more enjoyable lives. The result is a 4.3% increase in total value growth for the market in 2017 – up from 3.6% in 2016 – representing the ...

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Facebook and TV boost the effectiveness of advertising

The synergic effect of Facebook and TV boosts the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by 10%, according to a study carried out by the leading market research consultancy Kantar Worldpanel for Facebook. The study, which looked at 11 campaigns launched between 2016 and 2017 in Spain, quantifies the contribution made to a brand’s sales ...

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Consumer Insights Asia: a visual ride into FMCG growth

Asia Consumer Insights Q1 2018 report is now available, with FMCG trends in a variety of categories in the region. This report analyses markets in China, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India and Saudi Arabia. These are the summary key takeaways:  FMCG in Asia grew by 3.8% in Q1 2018, compared ...

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Snacking in Vietnam: an innovative game

Vietnam is among the world’s most dynamic economies, thanks to a +6.81% growth rate and an ever-changing population demographics. As a result, food consumption habits and preferences have also reflected extensive changes. This raises the question of how the food market is transforming, particularly within Snacking. This segment, which is present ...

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