New webinar unveils the latest Brand Footprint ranking

This year’s Brand Footprint publication and its global ranking of the world’s most chosen FMCG brands will be revealed on the 15th May. In this year’s edition we will see how the number of brands chosen by shoppers more than one billion times has one new addition to this exclusive 17-brand club. In this webinar, Benjamin Cawthray, Global ...

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The who, why and when behind category and brand growth

Food and drink products are there to fulfil a purpose. Which products you choose to fulfil that purpose depends on a complex combination of who you are and what’s important to you. Add in who you’re with, when and where you are, and the needs you have at the point contribute to the decision about ...

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China FMCG market reported moderate growth in Q1

  Kantar Worldpanel, the global market leader in consumer panels, reports that the total spending on FMCG in China recorded a moderate value growth of 2.4% in the latest 12 weeks, compared to the same period in 2018. Non-food, especially personal care categories, maintained a robust growth while the food and beverage ...

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2018: A year of record lows and all-time highs in Latam

Latin America’s FMCG industry ended 2018 at a low point. Q4 was the third consecutive quarter to record a drop in consumption across the region, with shoppers buying 0.9% less than they did in Q4 2017. The continuing downward trend in volume sales is playing out against a backdrop of continued high ...

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