UK's grocery market cools with the weather

The latest figures from Kantar show the grocery market grew by 1.3% during the 12 weeks to 19 May 2019, as the memory of a record-breaking May 2018 looms large over retailers. Chris Hayward, consumer specialist at Kantar, comments: “This time last year we experienced the hottest May since records began ...

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Demystifying Millennial families in Latam

Never in the history of marketing has so much been said about a generation as millennials. We think we know them – they are super-connected, carefree and selfcentred – and those assumptions have driven our marketing decisions for years. This may have been true once, but time has moved on and millennials ...

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The booming Chinese Beauty market

Chinese Brand Footprint rankings and new insights on the Health and Beauty market in China published by Kantar Worldpanel highlight strong growth across the sector, with the skincare and makeup categories outperforming total FMCG, growing 13% and 17% respectively, during 2018. The Top 10 Health and Beauty brands Pechoin, which is the only local ...

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Chinese brands march on European TV & DA market

The disruption caused by Chinese brands within mobile has been rapid and fascinating to watch, in part due to the lack of realisation or preparation for their success by the rest of the mobile market. TV & DA (domestic appliances) will soon have their own Chinese brands to contend with, and ...

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