UK's supermarket sales suffer by comparison with 2018

The latest grocery market share figures, published today by Kantar, show year-on-year supermarket sales fell by 0.5% in the 12 weeks to 14 July 2019 in the UK. This marks the first overall decline in the supermarket sector since June 2016. However, on the back of record sales during last year’s ...

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Grocers seek bright spots as Irish summer arrives late

The latest Irish grocery market share figures, released by Kantar for the 12 weeks to 14 July 2019, show overall sales are up 2.7% on last year. This marks a drop in growth compared with the 3.1% increase experienced 12 months ago, which was thanks to a bumper summer featuring soaring ...

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Direct-to-consumer music reconnects UK fans and artists

Festival season is giving music fans the opportunity to dig out their bum-bags, glitter and welly boots but also allowing them a rare chance to get up close to their favourite artists.  They’ll undoubtedly feel connected to these world-famous acts as they sing along in front of them – but how ...

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The formula for FMCG success in France

In a recent analysis of consumer behaviour in France, Kantar has identified that in 2019 health and environment are among the top five areas that concern French people who have a growing interest in organic, traceable products. However, there is still a strong concern about the family budget, so it is a ...

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The Lunar New Year opportunity for Vietnam and China

The latest edition of Kantar’s Consumer Insights Asia focuses on the Lunar New Year season. Although celebrated in several countries, Lunar New Year is particularly big in China Mainland and Vietnam. It represents a significant proportion of their annual FMCG spend - 18% in China Mainland and 14% in Vietnam. FMCG performance ...

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Huawei takes hit in second quarter 2019

The latest smartphone OS data from Kantar, for the three months ending June 2019, reveals that Android OS accounts for 80.1% of all smartphone sales across the five major European markets (EU5), and continued to see positive year-on-year growth (+0.6%pts), driven by a strong performance in France. Conversely iOS saw its share fall ...

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New consumer panel to track smart speakers in Australia

Kantar, one of the world’s leading data, insight and consultancy companies, announces the expansion of Worldpanel ComTech’s smart speaker consumer panel to measure purchasing and usage trends in the Australian market. Available in the US for a year now, this panel delivers the latest industry insight on smart speakers. The first ...

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