New retail transformation enabled growth in China

Kantar Worldpanel’s latest figures for the 12 weeks ending 9th August 2019 shows consumer spending on FMCG in China grew 6.4% in value, thanks to increased frequency and basket value. e-Commerce continued to outstrip total FMCG growth, while modern trade also rebounded slightly, by 1.9% in sales value. Lower-tier cities outpaced top-tier ...

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Latin Americans seek value as boundaries are redefined

In most Latin American countries FMCG consumption has dropped (-1.7%) in the last 12 months, although the decline slowed down in the second quarter of the year. Latin American households have spent 5.4% more than last year as a whole, but if Argentina (a high-inflation country) is excluded spend has only ...

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Spain’s spend on FMCG grew by 1% while volume decreased

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in Spain has grown 1% in the first three quarters of 2019, driven by a higher spend on fresh products, according to Kantar’s latest data. Although growing in value, the sector dropped in volume by 0.6% from January to September 2019. This increase in spending ...

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The changing drivers of fashion purchases in France

Kantar in France has just published their annual report on the fashion industry Référenseigne 2019. The report, which covers the period June 2018 – 2019, makes clear that the time for hyperconsumption in fashion has passed. The second half of 2018 suffered a 3.6% reduction spend on clothing, only recovering by ...

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Why are global tech brands building ecosystems?

The recent Apple launch illustrates how global tech businesses are trying to build brand ecosystems to entice and retain consumers within their brand base. Apple TV+ streaming service has been launched and is being offered free for a year with the purchase of an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac highlighting ...

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