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Only source to a complete overview on baby market

Unlike other FMCG categories, the purchase behavior of baby products in highly correlated with the baby's age.

Kantar's Baby Panel monitors on a continuous basis, of how mothers' purchase behavior change and evolve as their baby grows older, allowing us to assist clients in understand and plan suitable product and communication strategies.  Baby panel can also help clients understand the channel performance other than modern trade, such as baby specialist store, gifting, family purchase and online shopping.  It is the only source available to manufacturers in that can help them gain insight into complete channel evolution, hence helping them to develop channel strategies and maximise sales profit.

Taiwan's Baby Panel consists of 1100 households with babies age 0-3 years old, and covers extensive baby categories including baby diaper and wet wipe, infant formula, baby food, baby cereal, baby personal care (baby oil, baby shower gel and many more).

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