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Anti-sugar-free milk tea is becoming popular



Anti-sugar-free milk tea is becoming popular

The pursuit of health, nature, and non-addition is the trend of food and beverage in Taiwan's livelihood consumption market in recent years. However, there is an anti-sugar-free trend rising from the milk tea market, "Kantar Worldpanel", the global consumption behavior leader, points out that Taiwan packaged tea drinking market has always been dominated by the taste of green tea and black tea, accounting for half of the market sales, while the rising packaged milk tea in recent years has now accounted for 20% of the importance of packaged tea drinks with double-digit growth in two consecutive years.

By observing the actual purchase behavior of consumers through Kantar, we found that at present, six out of every ten packaged tea consumers are packaged milk tea consumers, and the consumer group continues to expand. Even though the overall market is health-oriented, if sugar-rich milk tea can counter the trend to launch attractive new products, there is also a chance to break through growth.

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New products of milk tea are popular, consumers’ psychology of early adopters drives consumption

Kantar opened the consumer shopping basket and found that in 2018, the common factors that attracted consumers to buy milk tea were mainly new products: " Kuang Chuan thick milk tea" typesetting marketing (Each product has some words on the packaging, when those products are arranged in certain order, the words on the packaging constitute an interesting sentence), "I-Mei thick milk tea" Costco buying spree, " I-Mei milk tea" into Family Supermarket. "Wandan fresh milk tea" emphasizing milk source from dairy farmers, of which all have good achievement. Some popular milk tea due to its unique tastes has attracted a group of enthusiasts to buy, such as the fresh-stirred strawberries milk tea, or the sunrise signboard roasted milk launched by Taisun tea stand series, nearly 600,000 consumers taste fresh and have succeeded in sparking the new sparks of "cross-border".

Sales channels assist, having sales channels for new products is critical to performance

On the occasion of the introduction of packaged tea drinks by I-Mei before, I-Mei cooperated with Family Supermarket for the initial launch and have made a sensation in the market. When the market stabilized, Family Supermarket then launched its own brand and actively captured the market. While "Costco" has always been a productive sales channel for dairy and juice, fueled by I-Mei thick milk tea, consumers queue up to buy, which also proves that supermarket isn’t the only place where drinks stand a chance. The newly listed "Craftea" has the slogan of "must drink in Japan", whether waves of network media propaganda and channel laying can result in good performance, it needs to observe consumers' actual purchase reaction and repeated purchase power.

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