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Lazy Fashion: Ready, Set and Go!



Lazy Fashion: Ready, Set and Go!

There is an old Chinese saying that “there are no ugly woman in the world, only lazy ones!” And living in the fast paced society today, how to effectively and efficiently achieve the desired outlook is an important need for modern day women. Research from Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan will show you how Taiwanese female consumers nowadays shop for beauty, both inside and out.

Inner Beauty: easy peasy, clean and clear

Beauty supplement rave: beauty boosting, digestive system and weight control
Beauty by health supplement is becoming more and more popular, after all, who wants to spend the time and energy when you can just speed up the process with the right chemical component. Brand manufacturers are also quick to answer to this need, other than using celebrity spokesperson in building the desired image for consumers, there’s also been a non-stop cycle on the market introducing various new elements and certified concoctions that promises an effective result.

According to Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan’s latest study, 70% of the sales in the health supplement market is contributed mainly by ladies age 15-65, and for the past year, beauty boosting, digestive system and weight control related products have been boasting an impressive 20-30% growth, with digestive health being the most popular.

The study revealed that 23% of the Taiwanese female consumers has bought one of the products mentioned above, and when they make their choices, mainstream manufacturers does not necessarily have the upper hand. Data showed that consumers are favouring direct sales brands for beauty and digestive system related products, while leading brand Taiyen secured Number 1 position for the weight control products.

Yoghurt detox for better weight control result
Yoghurt/yoghurt drink is another category gaining greater popularity with the ladies, as other than assisting in maintaining a healthy digestive system, the probiotics in yoghurt and yoghurt drinks also has the benefit of potentially achieving better weight control result. For quite a few years, yoghurt market’s performance had been dipping, but is now making a comeback with double digit sales growth. Behind the impressive performance, is the effort of more and more manufacturers, by either introducing new products or increasing their investment in the market, such as the new range from leading player Bifido, or the high end yoghurt brand Matthew’s Choice expanding its presence in major retailers: PX Mart, CVS etc.

The latest light meal and sporting trend are also key factors in driving female consumer’s demand for yoghurt products, in particular the low fat category (+15% YoY), with Standard Dairy’s Natural Zero amongst the best selling product range. Women age 35-44 are the major contributors to the yoghurt sales, contributing almost 30% of the total market sales. This group of women also demonstrate the strongest need for the beauty supplements, with sales growing almost 30%, significantly high than market average’s 20%.

Outside beauty: tricky little tricks to enhance the natural beauty

Carry on instant light complexion with Cushion foundation and toning cream
Riding on the Korean wave, Taiwan’s makeup market in recent years is deeply influenced by the Korean style, and cushion foundation is no doubt one of the quintessential works of the Korean beauty industry. Its easy application for instant smooth complexion was an instant hit, and the Western brands also now following suit too by introducing similar products.

Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan observed that compared to 2015, the cushion foundation gained 50% growth for both sales and buyer numbers, with both counter and mass brands both benefiting from the product’s immense popularity. Ladies age 25-34 are clearly the key target group, and seem to favouring for the more high end counter brands (share importance 65%). In terms of geographical preference there appears to be non in particular, with both Western and Japanese brands enjoying strong growth.

Despite the strong performing precedent set by the cushion foundation, the makeup market never ceases to surprise, with the toning cream taking the market by storm in 2016. Replacing the traditional way of layered makeup application, the toning cream promises to achieve the equally smooth look but with less steps to follow, allowing the ladies the room for some extra beauty sleep. Following the similar route BB cream once walked, toning cream also promotes the 2-in-1 benefit of skincare and makeup, reflecting the modern day women’s need of fast and effective products. Other than the major Korean brands, many local players are also starting to follow suit in the toning cream trend, and it remains to be seen whether this fad will remain or just passing by.

Raise those eyebrows with the eyebrow cream/gel
Besides a good complexion, eyebrow is also the latest facial focus for the makeup market. While eyebrow products are no newbies to the market, the routine just go a whole lot easier with latest introduction of eyebrow gel/cream tint, with promises a longer lasting result compared to traditional products, which again shows how products that emphasize convenience is of the upmost importance to the consumers nowadays.

In this day and age, a busy life is no longer an excuse to ignore your looks nor do women want to sacrifice their rights to beauty just because of a full schedule. Whether it be the inner beauty or outer complexion, Taiwanese ladies are not limited to mainstream players when making purchase, and are willing to trial new product, provided it answers to their needs. Slow and elegant no longer suffice, efficient and effective is now the new black, is your brand catching to the latest trend?

[1] Beauty boosting ingredient includes: pearl powder, collagen, Q10, berries, hyaluronic acid; Digestive system: probiotics, enzyme, Cellulose; Weight control: turmeric, citrimax, chitin, white kidney bean extract, capsaicin, carnitine, green mate

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