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Summer skin combat: anti-UV, cleansing & skincare



Summer skin combat: anti-UV, cleansing & skincare

Temperature is rising, get your skin ready for summer!
The month of May is coming to an end, and Taiwan will officially enter summer time after the Dragon Boat Festival. According to the recent weather forecast, it is very likely that Taiwan will be facing an extra hot summer this year, and before you break out the summer wardrobe and swimwear this season, is your skin also prepped for the upcoming heat?

Summer skin combat: anti-UV, cleansing & skincare

Combat Phase 1: avoid sun damage

With temperatures rising and summer time closing in, manufacturers have been busy launching new sunscreens, and devoting every effort into product promotion, from TV commercial to Facebook advertisement, in order to cash in on the anti-UV opportunity. And it is not difficult to grab the consumers’ attention, provided your product features high UV protection, convenience and top quality.

With high UV protection being a prerequisite, SPF50+ product is still the leading player in the sunscreen market with nearly 80% market share, and still growing as we speak. When selecting sunscreens, consumers will also take product type and convenience into consideration; Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan’s study showed with 50% market share, lotion is still the most popular product type, and the remaining 50% is locked in a fierce battle, split between cream, liquid, gel and spray sunscreen. Riding on the fast fashion bandwagon and its advantage of usage convenience, sales of spray sunscreens surged in 2016, achieving double digit growth and becoming market No.2, with 1 in 8 consumers selecting spray type as their anti-UV solution.

Furthermore, price is no longer the main concern when selecting sunscreen, quality is. Currently the cheaper mass brand still has the majority market share (close to 50%), but it is facing the threat of competition from counter, clinic and direct sales, and the consequent decline in share importance. Kantar Worldpanel observed that more and more consumers are willing to spend more on prestigious brands, including the younger generation, and even students are moving up the price ladder, proving that consumers’ willingness to invest when they see value in the product.

Combat Phase 2: Non-greasy makeup remover

We all know the importance of makeup remover, especially after spending the whole day in the summer heat, all you want to do is to properly get rid of the melting makeup on your face, and rejuvenate the skin with caring products.

There are a wide range of makeup removing products available, from oil, cream, lotion, gel and the latest creation, the water type. While oil, lotion and gel type remain the market mainstream, makeup removing water had enjoyed the most growth since its launch, growing double digits for two consecutive years and now not far behind the gel type in market share, who is currently No.3 in the market. In 2016, 1 in 9 consumers are observed to have purchased the makeup removing water, and there are two key reasons behind its success: one is the aggressive marketing behind the new product type launch, and the other being the growing popularity of eyelash extension.

More and more Taiwanese ladies are opting for eyelash extension, which provides consumers the instant lush look without the hassle of applying fake eyelash or using an eyelash curler and mascara everyday. However, the downside to this convenience is that only oil-free make remover can be used when removing eye makeup, and hence creating the need for a more liquid base product. Initially launched by clinical brand Bioderma, the makeup removing water is now widely available in various brands and retails stores, including the mass market, brands including My Beauty Diary, Biore, L’oreal Paris and many more are actively investing in the new product type, providing the consumers with a wider selection when making purchase.

Combat Phase 3: Brightening is the key

While anti-UV solution is vital during summer, the post-sun skincare cannot be ignored either. To revive and brighten the sun damaged skin, one would think that whitening products would be the obvious choice, but in recent years, consumers have been favouring towards anti-aging and hydration products, and in turn whitening products had been declining in both sales performance and buyer numbers. However, the lack of purchase does not mean consumers no longer seek the brightening effect, but instead are opting for methods other than traditional whitening skincare.

The service of cosmetic surgery and the latest tone-up cream are amongst the popular substitutes. For cosmetic surgery, solutions such as glutathione skin whitening Injections, intense pulsed light, and laser whitening are provided for those who seeks long term and immediate effect, while the Korean tone-up cream appeal to the consumers through its skincare-makeup fusion benefit of achieving both skin brightening and a finished makeup look in less than a minute.

The are also others who redefine the meaning of whitening, believing the brightening look can be simply achieved through proper cleansing and skincare hydration. Overviewing the performance of 2016 facial skincare market, hydration is the only sector that was able to achieve significant growth, gaining in both buyer numbers and consumer average spending, which reached a historic new high, 12% more than 2015. The increasing in spending was due to greater demand rather than price upgrade, hence an even growth trend was observed across all sectors covering mass, counter, clinical and direct sales.

Kantar Worldpanel’s study showed that the growth of hydration can be attributed to the active marketing strategies from brands, including word of mouth and promotion, and brands including Kiehl’s, Neogence, Dr. Wu, Hadalabo and Senka are amongst the successful group. Also the redefining of whitening skincare, girls nowadays are seeking the brightening effect via basic skincare, this trend is especially obvious amongst the age 15-25, where on average 8 in 10 people have purchased hydration skincare in the latest year.

The daily skincare is evolving, and with the heat closing in, are you properly armed for the upcoming battle with the sun?

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