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Despite being dominant in most FMCG marketing budgets, the investment on media keeps increasing year on year. The modern era witnesses a larger diversity of media touch points, proposing new challenges for planners to effectively allocate their media budget.

On the other hand, not every consumer is exposed to media in the same way, even within the same socio-demographic profile, which in turn will affect the way they act when it comes to purchase decision time. This creates another mind-twisting question for media planners on how to best reach and influence the purchase behaviours of their target shoppers.

Hence, to support our partners with better decisions on media planning, we are proud to officially launch in Vietnam the Kantar Worldpanel proprietary Media Profiler™. Media Profiler is a single source solution which connects your target shoppers, defined by their unique and real purchase behaviour, with their media consumption habits to help improve your media planning process.

Media Profiler is a powerful tool that helps you:

  • Reach your target consumer at the right place and time
  • Profile your target audience or brand loyalists
  • Make decisions based on actual purchases rather than on their socio demographic profile
  • Analyse the real consumption of your audience

Media Profiler is a tailored consulting solution powered by:

  • Continuous Tracking of purchases and brand equity. Compare media consumption with real purchase behaviour and brand equity over time
  • A Robust Sample for confident decision making  even with smaller targets and brands
  • Single Source Panel Data means you can be sure to base your decisions on reliable data
  • A Methodology Recognised by Media Players means that decisions will be based on currency with key media owners and agencies

Media Profiler can answer your critical business questions such as:

  • Which media best reaches my target consumers?
  • Which TV channel or day part is best for my target?
  • Which website do my brand buyers visit the most?
  • Which titles should I advertise in to achieve maximum reach?

Want to explore more? Contact us now and discover all the potential this service can provide.

Media Profiler: Effectively reach your target shoppers to assist media planning

Media Profiler: Effectively reach your target shoppers to assist media planning

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General Manager - Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam

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