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The FMCG retail market in Vietnam is evolving as quickly and dramatically as it is growing. Starting with the opening of the very first supermarket in HCMC in 1994, modern retailing is continuously expanding its footprint and becoming more and more popular to Vietnamese shoppers. With continued investment from both local and foreign retailers, modern retailing is expected to expand and grow further in the long term!

Within this emergent retail environment, retailers need to focus on growing their ‘share of wallet’ and encourage shoppers to buy a broader range of categories in store. This means that manufacturers and retailers have to collaborate to convert more store shoppers into category buyers and maximize the revenue return for both sides.

To support our partners with this business decision process, we are proud to officially launch in Vietnam the Kantar Worldpanel proprietary Catman Online™ solution. With this online tool at your fingerprints - available anytime, anywhere - you will now be able to craft new shopper insight that will help build successful partnership with your customers’ buyers.

Catman Online is a powerful tool that can help you to

  • Understand how categories grow by understanding Shopper propensity to buy in your stores and outside of them.
  • Analyse the performance of retailers. Determine the markets they should invest in as a priority to leverage growth.
  • Know the needs of a given retailer’s shoppers and measure the retailers’ performance and opportunities.

Catman Online helps answer your critical business questions such as

  • Is this retailer performing strongly enough?
  • Which market should this retailer invest in as a priority?
  • Can I quantify the opportunities in this market?
  • Which retailers are in competition with my stores?
  • Which brand should be prioritised to benefit from our shoppers’ potential?
  • Which leverage should be prioritised to benefit from our shoppers’ potential?

 Want to explore more? Contact us now and discover all the potential this tool can provide.


CatMan Online: Maximize your shopper’s basket and grow your category in justa few clicks!

CatMan Online: Maximize your shopper’s basket and grow your category in just a few clicks!

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