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Spotlight on Vietnam November 2012 now published


The latest Spotlight on Vietnam newsletter has been published covering three hot topics:

  • Consumerism trends today & tomorrow

Over the last few years, Vietnamese consumers have become smarter, more sophisticated, health-conscious and convenience-oriented… So, what will come in the next 10 years?

  • How Vietnamese change the way they shop

Modern Trade in Vietnam has gone through the very initial stages of development and is now entering into Acceleration phase. Together with this rapid development, Vietnam will witness major changes in its shopper behaviours.

  • WorldpanelOnline.com

Kantar Worldpanel is proud to introduce our new online data delivery and analysis tool – WorldpanelOnline.com. With this leading technology, you can get easy access to the data and insight you need anytime, anywhere.

Spotlight on Vietnam April 2012 now published

Spotlight on Vietnam April 2012 now published

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