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Tamsin Timpson
Strategic Insight Director, Worldpanel Division



Kantar offers in Australia the Worldpanel ComTech service that monitors on a continuous basis mobile phone, tablet and quad-play ownership, purchasing and usage trends.

Worldpanel ComTech is the global expert in the telecommunications field, utilising our huge consumer panels to define the market in granular detail. Through our continuous survey methodology we offer our clients unique, detailed and actionable insights through our team of industry recognised experts. This service operational 11 countries is a reference guide for manufacturers, carriers, content providers and industry experts.

The Worldpanel ComTech service can provide:

  • Accurate consumer lifecycle analysis
  • Passive usage analytics
  • Carrier churn statistics
  • Contract and Prepay billing data / handset spend
  • Market KPIs in terms of both installed base and sales volumes

Kantar offers our clients the ability to answer such questions as:

  • Where are my new customers coming from and what do they look like?
  • What impact are new customers having on my brand?
  • How are my customers using their device vs. competitors?
  • How do different groups of consumers use their device?
  • Is there any correlation between tablet and mobile device owned?
  • What is the most popular app genre on my brand vs. competitors?