Consumer Panels
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Consumer panel insights in a wide range of sectors

We know your market

To provide you with insights about consumers and shoppers in your own market we have developed panels that span many consumer markets. These platforms monitor on a continuous basis shopper and usage patterns in sectors including FMCG, personal care, telecoms, fashion, entertainment and petrol, among many others.

In these markets, we provide you with different viewpoints to build a complete picture of consumers and shoppers.

Household consumer panels

Samples of main shoppers within a household provide a detailed view of products bought for the family – things like food, drinks or cleaning products.

Individuals consumer panels

Many things are of a more individual nature, bought for immediate consumption such as soft drinks, or for personal use such as toiletries.

Usage panels

Understanding how and why products are used gives you even deeper insights into the nature of products and the opportunities and threats that they face.


To complement purchase and usage behavioural information with new perspectives on consumers opinions and attitudes, we can speak with our panel members and complete the picture.

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