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Webinar - Demystifying Millennial families in Latam

29/05/2019, Online Webinar

How to understand and reach the ‘30 billion-dollar generation’ in Latam?

Never in the history of marketing has so much been said about a generation as millennials. We think we know them – they are super-connected, carefree and self-centred – and those assumptions have driven our marketing decisions for years. This may have been true once, but time has moved on and millennials have grown up; the eldest members of the generation are now in their mid-thirties. In Latin America, 25% of housewives are under 34. 

In this webinar, Marina Caccavari, Account Manager Latam, goes through some important findings, including:

  • How do this families differ from other Latinamerican households?
  • What’s their shopping routine and what channels do they prefer?
  • What changes when you go beyong averages and look at millennials with different socioeconomic level?

Watch the webinar.

Webinar - Demystifying Millennial families in Latam

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Marina Caccavari
Account Manager Latam

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