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Through continuous monitoring, advanced analytics and tailored solutions, Kantar inspires successful decisions by brand owners, retailers, market analysts and government organisations globally.

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Who Cares, Who Does? Consumer response to plastic waste

This publication is based on the results of our global survey covering 24 countries across Europe, Latam and Asia. Plastic waste is a top concern for 33% of global respondents, with 48% believing manufacturers should take the most responsibility to fix the problem.

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Changing consumer choices in a promising 2020

It’s every brand’s desire to be chosen and, as consumer choices are changing very rapidly, this is becoming more complex. Hear from our experts on the trends that brands should be aware of to make 2020 a promising year for changing consumer choices.

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Brand Footprint 2020

Our most chosen FMCG brands annual ranking is out! This edition includes a special analysis on how the biggest brands are faring during the current pandemic, with early signs showing that they are winning in relative terms.

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Winning food & drink occasions out-of-home

Our new publication delves into the out-of-home dynamics that show an increase in spend globally. It also showcases the increasing importance of food technology and how this is driving spend for home delivery and take-aways – capturing occasions from cooking at home.

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Latest News

  • China’s new normal reactivates out-of-home market

    China’s new normal reactivates out-of-home market

    The out-of-home market recovery in China is one of the changes in purchase and consumption behaviour

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  • The impact of coronavirus on shoppers in Latam

    The impact of coronavirus on shoppers in Latam

    We present 10 slides on changing purchase and consumption habits in the region.

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  • The Irish new normal - Shopper behaviour in lockdown

    The Irish new normal - Shopper behaviour in lockdown

    Irish shoppers are opting for local stores and buying more treats as they adapt to the new normal.

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  • Brand Footprint: Local vigour beats global resurgence

    Brand Footprint: Local vigour beats global resurgence

    Read the findings from Brand Footprint ranking, a global measure of how often brands are chosen.

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  • Abnormal FMCG spend in Vietnam pre-lockdown

    Abnormal FMCG spend in Vietnam pre-lockdown

    The good news is that the battle against COVID-19 in Vietnam has eased up, but it is not over yet

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  • How COVID-19 is affecting French FMCG consumption

    How COVID-19 is affecting French FMCG consumption

    During the pandemic, four factors have driven French consumers.

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In the Media

  • 21/05/2020 - Fft

    New Campaign Highlights Irish Strawberries

    This year’s Celebrate Strawberry Season has been launched, organised by the Irish Soft Fruit Growers Association in partnership with Bord Bia and the IFA. Lorcan Bourke, Fresh Producer Manager, Bord Bia, said: “During the course of the summer months, strawberries are one of the most popular soft fruits eaten in Ireland. There are circa 175 hectares of fresh strawberries grown in Ireland and the industry is worth almost €40 million to Irish growers. Recent research by Kantar Worldpanel (2020) shows that Irish households spend €120m per annum on fresh strawberries and that over 5 years, both the volume and the value of strawberry sales have grown by 50%, showing the increase in popularity of this household favourite fruit. Thankfully we have a strong supply of locally grown strawberries available throughout Ireland.”

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  • 20/05/2020 - European Supermarket Magazine

    Coca-Cola Named 'Most Chosen' Global Brand In Latest Kantar Brand Footprint Report

    The latest edition of the Kantar Brand Footprint report has found that Coca-Cola is by far the most-chosen brand on the planet, with more than six billion consumers selecting the brand last year.
    According to Kantar's methodology, which awards consumer reach points (CRP) to brands, as well as tracking their global penetration, Coca-Cola achieved a CRP of 6.1 billion in 2019, as well as penetration of 42.1%.

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  • 18/05/2020 - Cosmetics Design Europe

    COVID-19 consumerism: The end to ‘discretionary’ beauty as we know it?

    Despite initial stockpiling of many fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) at the start of the coronavirus crisis, subsequent usage patterns reveal many consumers are disengaging from colour cosmetics, fragrances and styling – discretionary categories that may suffer longer-term, says Kantar.

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  • 14/05/2020 - The Guardian

    Sainsbury''s expands Chop Chop delivery service to 20 UK cities

    In normal times, the UK buys less than 7% of its groceries online but it has risen to more than 10% in recent months, according to market analysts at Kantar . Demand from households trying to avoid physical stores has far outstripped the ability of supermarkets to deliver, however.

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  • 12/05/2020 - Vogue UK

    The Ultimate Guide To Non-Toxic Candles

    From warm, musky scents that instantly boost your home's cosy factor, to bright floral notes capable of conjuring a spring day at any time of year, there's a reason that Britons spend an enormous £90 million a year on fragranced candles, according to market research company Kantar.

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  • 09/05/2020 - Irish Independent

    ''The costs are forever increasing but the price returned stays the same''

    Matt Foley grows between two-and-a-half and three hectares of tomatoes. Every hectare of glasshouse needs 10 staff. He sells to Irish supermarkets, but his main competition is Dutch tomatoes. Dutch growers have cheaper energy costs with the economies of scale provided by 10,000 hectares of tomatoes; Ireland has fewer than 100. Ours is a healthy market for fresh produce, currently valued at €1.6bn, up from €1.4bn in 2015, according to Kantar, the market research company. In addition, the €400m food service market had grown in value before the Covid-19 pandemic but is supplied largely by imports.

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