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Britain’s most chosen health and beauty brands



Britain’s most chosen health and beauty brands

With Brexit never far from the headlines during 2019, discretionary spend came under pressure - resulting in health and beauty facing slower growth than other sectors. With consumers simplifying their personal care routines and expecting more from their products in terms of sustainability, it’s now more critical than ever for brands to understand and tap into what is important to the consumer.

Understanding consumers to find growth

Our Brand Footprint ranking of the most chosen health and beauty brands uncovers the disruptions at play in the market and the tension between natural beauty and science-based efficacy. The report covers 2019, and while this pre-dates the current crisis, the fundamentals of brand growth are more relevant than ever for health and beauty brands as we emerge from lockdown.

Get your copy and discover:

  • The long-term disruptions facing the market long before COVID-19, and how brands have navigated them
  • How the tension between natural and scientific approaches is playing out
  • How brands are adapting to changing perceptions of beauty through their products and advertising, and standing up for issues or under-represented sections of society
  • Inspiring examples of brands using the five levers of growth: more presence, more categories, more targets, more moments, new needs

Read the report today and sign up to the webinar to hear directly from our experts on how brands can find growth, regardless of disruptions now and in future.

Rankings will also be published which uncover the most chosen brands in Beverages (10 June), Dairy and alternatives (17 June) and Homecare (18 June).

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