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How shopping behaviour is evolving in South East Asia



How shopping behaviour is evolving in South East Asia

With the constant rise of new coronavirus cases across the globe, some governments have locked down their borders and most have imposed restrictions on everyday civilian life, in hopes of containing the outbreak.

In the midst of the COVID-19 chaos, there has been plenty of speculation with regard to how consumers have changed their shopping behaviours. The attached special report focuses on the period pre-outbreak in South East Asia – the changes in shopper behaviour before the height of COVID-19 in these markets. We use real-time purchase data to debunk the myths supporting the speculations, and present the facts based on data and insights. These myths are:

Myth #1: Announcements of confirmed COVID-19 cases caused nationwide panic buying

Myth #2: Consumers who are panic buying are hoarding increased volumes

Myth #3: People are deserting offline channels and moving online

In addition to debunking the myths, the report provides our forecast on what to expect in the months ahead. The focus of the insights will surround countries in South East Asia (SEA).

Download the report now to understand:

  • How are consumer/shopper behaviours changing?
  • What is the ‘New Normal’ and how do I adapt to these fast-paced changes?
  • How do I continue to thrive in the coming months?

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