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Kantar, the world’s leading marketing insights and consulting company, today announced the opening of Kantar Marketplace, its new on-demand research and insights store. Revealed in January as a new online platform, Kantar Marketplace opens now in 21 countries, including United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Brazil and Australia.

With Kantar Marketplace you can:

  • Make cost-effective decisions with easy access to validated expert solutions – in as few as 6 hours
  • Get fast, on-demand insights from our consumer panel with polls and surveys – in under an hour (coming soon)
  • Save time and money with instant access to syndicated Kantar data and Lightspeed’s existing poll data (coming soon)

Why Kantar Marketplace?

Kantar Marketplace brings the most comprehensive consumer insights together in one place, quick access to existing insights from across the Kantar network and direct, cost-effective access to bespoke surveys and expert solutions so you can make better, faster decisions.

  • Access Kantar’s validated solutions trusted by 8,000+ clients
  • Understand the behaviours, attitudes and needs of over 80 million people worldwide
  • Connect to over 20,000 permissioned profile attributes
  • With consultancy from experts in over 100 countries

Will Galgey, CEO of Kantar Marketplace, said: “Kantar Marketplace is a key part of our response; delivering fast and accurate research at a fraction of the usual time and cost. As we launch more solutions in to the store it will transform the way we engage with, and support, our clients. The initial reaction from clients has been extremely positive as they recognise the power of combining our deep expertise and unique IP with some of the most innovative and user-friendly technology in the industry”.

Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar, said that the company is focused on increasing the impact its work has for clients, as it works through investment in delivering human understanding and continuous innovation. He added: “Kantar Marketplace is a great example of these priorities. It allows our clients to choose from a spectrum of offerings; from self-service surveys to deeper diagnostic full-service tools, that can be delivered in as little as a day. With access to more than 80 million consumers worldwide, the scale of our permissioned panels ensures that, post-GDPR implementation, the voice of the customer can remain central to decision-making, while protecting wider consumer privacy”.

Access to Kantar Marketplacethe store will rise to 30 countries by the end of March.

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