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Men using less deodorant and shampoo



What does the modern man look like in 2017? Kantar Worldpanel has been exploring our data to understand how the modern man has changed over the last four years.

Firstly, the grooming routine of the modern man is now much simpler. The use of shampoo (penetration -5%) and deodorant (-3%) is down versus four years ago. Men now have a more casual approach to their appearance. Two in five have facial hair compared with one in five in 2012. There has also been a growth in jacket and blazer spend (+ 25% versus four years ago).

How men define relaxation has also changed, with 4m+ men in Britain having access to Netflix. Products for men, are increasingly likely to be bought by men. There has been a 4.1% increase in menswear sales being bought by men.

Men also want quality: sales of premium branded beer are up (+5%) versus standard brand beer (-9%) compared to four years ago.

The picture Kantar Worldpanel paints is one of a modern man with complex needs, behaviours and attitudes. Explore the data by watching the video.

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Maya Zawislak
Client Executive, Lifestyle


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