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Show me the shoppers: find growth in and out of the box



Show me the shoppers: find growth in and out of the box

During these times of constant economic, social and political flux, growth can feel elusive. Our new paper, Show me the Shoppers, answers the million pound question that drives all brand strategy, investment and planning – how do I grow my business?

Featuring expert views, case studies and practical insights, Show me the Shoppers uncovers how to convince more shoppers to buy your brand.

The building blocks for brand growth

Once you've established that brand growth comes from new shoppers, and set a realistic target, it's time to explore routes to growth in your heartlands:

  • Increasing the availability of your products 
  • Winning head to head with your competition
  • Being chosen in more consumption moments
  • Playing in other categories

Going beyond grocery

The size of the prize could be even bigger if you look outside your traditional selling spaces to find those elusive shoppers beyond grocery. There’s 21 billion opportunities for your brand to be purchased in any given year, and most brands are only considering half of them.

The average Brit goes to the supermarket four and a half times a week. This doubles to nine times a week if all other shopping trips are included, and increases to ten or eleven with the addition of online purchases. 

Find opportunities with Worldpanel Plus

It is crucial to think about all of the places that people shop but where your brand is not sold. Our Worldpanel Plus service helps you push the boundaries of where your brand is sold, opening up opportunities everywhere that people shop. 

Download your copy of Show me the Shoppers today and get in touch to find out how we can help you find growth in and out of the box.

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