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Covid19: Assessing the impact for grocery in Ireland



Covid19: Assessing the impact for grocery in Ireland

As Irish consumer behaviour shifts dramatically, retailers are at the front line in delivering essential food and medicines to the public. Manufacturers are facing unprecedented supply chain challenges to meet an unstable demand. Understanding this new normal is key to adapting. During our webinar on 9 April, our team of experts discussed the challenges facing our sector and what to expect next, including:

  • How does the public sentiment differ in Ireland compared to the UK and rest of Europe?
  • How is consumer and shopper behaviour changing?
  • What categories are most impacted by boosted demand?
  • What is the role and evolution of ecommerce?
  • How do manufacturers and retailers get products moving along the supply chain more efficiently, effectively and faster than ever?
  • How to communicate with the public and regulate shopping behaviour to prevent irrational purchasing?
  • How can manufacturer and retailers comply with ever-changing rules, regulations, and government requests?
  • How different will retail / consumer / shopper behaviour be when this all ends?

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David Berry

Managing Director, Ireland


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