Generating incremental growth through promotions

Promotions are a significant investment for brands and retailers but, how much of this investment generates incremental volume growth?  This and other relevant topics drive our latest thought leadership release Generating incremental growth through promotions. Across the markets analysed for this study we found that more than one dollar in every five spent on ...

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Insurgent brands shake up China's FMCG market

Kantar Worldpanel and Bain & Company’s latest annual China shopper report finds local insurgent brands have captured 6% market share but represent 20% of the category growth in which they participate. The first half of 2018 was a period of slower overall growth for the Chinese fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry following ...

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Benjamin Cawthray: “Benchmark within your category”

This year Kantar Worldpanel published the sixth edition of its Brand Footprint report and the ranking of the world’s most chosen brands. In this latest Perspectives video, Benjamin Cawthray, Global Thought Leadership Director at Kantar Worldpanel, considers how this can be used by global brand managers to help set realistic growth ...

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