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Thailand Report: 2022 FMCG Outlook



Thailand Report: 2022 FMCG Outlook

Will growth in shopper spend be squeezed by economic pressures?  

Over the two years of the pandemic, we’ve all been forced to change the way we shop. Many consumers will have adapted their behaviours permanently – and some new behaviours may yet still evolve. 

In 2021, FMCG value growth in Thailand hit 3.5% – its highest level since 2014 – despite a number of underlying issues including food price inflation This was thanks to government subsidies, and the unlocking of COVID-19 restrictions in Q4. But what lies in store for 2022? Will the sector remain in positive growth, or will consumers decide to tighten their belts?

Brands, manufacturers and retailers remain in the midst of uncertainty, trying hard to anticipate the future. In this report, Kantar Worldpanel shares uniquely detailed data, insights and analysis related to Thai consumers’ FMCG purchase behaviour during the pandemic, along with the expected outlook for the rest of this year. 

We explore the key trends and movements affecting the FMCG sector in Thailand, at a market and shopper level, and describe their impact on occasions, trips and basket size, as well as product and channel choice.

The report also covers:

  • Changes in consumer lifestyles, and how to win a place in shoppers’ baskets as their needs evolve
  • The categories driving FMCG growth in Thailand
  • The shifting demographics of the population – and the effect this is having on spend
  • How shopping behaviours vary between urban and rural regions
  • Why pack size has increased in importance
  • Who’s adopting ecommerce, and how they’re using it
  • How to succeed in a transformed channel landscape
  • Growth predictions for FMCG in 2022, with category highlights.


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Kanpapak Lueksuengsukoom
New Business Development Director - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand

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